Food Menu

English Breakfast with tea or coffee
Fried egg/ scrambled, sausage, bacon, baked beans and mushrooms served with toast
Soup of the day served with bread and butter £3.95
Homemade creamy tomato and fresh basil soup served with crusty baguette £3.95
Grilled chicken caesar salad £4.45
Prawn kebabs served with sweet chilli sauce £4.95
Clear chicken soup served with noodles
Stuffed mushrooms - stuffed with mozzarella cheese, garlic, onion and breadcrumbs £4.95
Hunter's stew (Bigos) Sauerkraut stewed with sausage, pork meat and mushrooms served with baguette £4.95
Soured rye flour soup served in hollowed out bread served with hard- boiled egg £4.95
Chicken strips with BBQ or garlic sauce £4.95
Main Courses
*Selected meals are served with choice of mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, chips, spiced rice, potatoes rings dumplings and selection of sesonal vegetables and side salads.  
Pierogi (Dumplings)  
10 dumplings filled with meat topped with fried peppers and onion
Kraut and Mushroom
10 dumplings filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms topped with fried onion
10 dumplings filled with potato, cottage cheese and onion topped with fried onion
10 dumplings filled with strawberries topped with sour cream or plain
*Chicken De Volaille
Breaded Chicken Breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.
*Chicken fillet 'a la Paris'
Chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and melty cheese, served with BBQ sauce
*Chicken breast in a creamy mushroom sauce with peppers and onions £9.10
*Chicken Nuggets
with baked beans
*Pork Loin in breadcrumbs
*Grilled pork tenderloin served with mushroom sauce £10.95
*Grilled pork steak marinated in honey and mustard £9.95
*Pork meatballs in a creamy peppercorn sauce £9.35
Hungarian Pancake
Potato pancake with a Hungarian goulash and sour cream. Served with mixed salad
*Beef Roll- Ups
Served with baked potatoes, beetroot and mixed salad
*Beef Goulash cooked with mushrooms, peppers, onion and garlic £9.95
*Roast beef stuffed with bacon served with red wine gravy £11.45
*Trout Sauté in white wine
Trout served with chips, mixed salad and green peas
*Pollock fillet with butter and fresh dill
Cod in pancake dough with garlic, curry and red peppers.
*Cod in dill sauce £9.95
Mashed potatoes £2.35
Baked potatoes £2.95
Chips £2.95
Spiced rice £2.95
Potato rings dumplings £2.60
Side salads: leek, carrots, celery, red cabbage £2.60
Baked Beans £2.20
Stewed cabbage with bacon £2.95
Beetroot £2.20
Green beans £2.20
Green peas £1.70
Pickled cucumber £2.00
Sweet corn £1.70
Bread/Baguette £2.00
Ice cream with walnuts, fruit and whipped cream £4.95
Two pancakes served with ice cream and whipping cream £4.50
Two Pancakes with sweet cottage cheese £4.50
Two Pancakes with jam £4.50
Cakes of the day £4.50
Hot apple pie served with ice cream £4.50
Dessert wine 175ml £4.95
Latte with Irish cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce £4.95
Belgian waffle with jam, cream and chocolate sauce £5.00
Drinks Menu
Hot Drinks
Tea with lemon, fruit, green, or with milk
Coffee £2.50
Coffee Latte £2.70
Cappuccino £2.70
Espresso £1.90
Latte with liqueur (Vanilla or Hazelnut) £3.20
Hot Chocolate  £2.50
Latte with Irish cream, whipped cream and chocoloate sauce £4.95
Soft Drinks
Juices 250 ml £2.50
Squash (Orange or Blackcurrant) 330 ml £1.80
Mineral Water (Still or Sparkling) 330 ml £2.50
Coke 330 ml £2.50
Tonic 200 ml £2.00
Fanta 330 ml £2.50
Lemonade 330 ml £2.50
White Wine 175ml £4.50  250ml £5.90  Bottle £18.90    
Red Wine 175ml £4.50   250ml £5.90  Bottle £18.90    
Rose Wine 175ml £4.50   250ml £5.90  Bottle £18.90    
Zywiec Beer 500ml £4.10
Tyskie Beer 500ml £4.10
Lech 500ml £4.10
Carlsberg 440ml £3.20
Carlsberg 275ml £3.70
Desperados 330ml £4.40
Corona 330ml £4.20
Guinness draught 440ml £4.10
Cider Magners 568ml £3.90
Vodka Zubrowka Bison Grass 25ml £2.30 Bottle     £33.90    
Vodka Sobieski 25ml £2.30 Bottle     £33.90    
Vodka Wisniowka 25ml £2.30 Bottle     £33.90     
Jack Daniels 25ml £2.50 Bottle     £44.90    
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